Have You Been Injured Or Charged With A Crime?

Des Moines Criminal Defense Lawyer

Have you or has a significant other been charged with any type of crime? You have the right to be vigorously defended against these accusations. Frequently, charges are wrong or charges are originally filed for a higher offense than is right or necessary. Many times people can have their charges reduced or dismissed, or a jury can find a defendant not guilty, or guilty of lesser charges than what were originally filed by the police and prosecutor. Also, legal representation is very important, because in many cases, all records of a criminal charge and even conviction can be completely expunged from every record at the county, state, and national level.

The Berger Law Firm, P.C., can help protect your rights and craft a defense against any criminal charges. West Des Moines criminal defense attorney Peter Berger and his staff will stand by your side.

If you need help, call as soon as possible. The sooner you call, the sooner attorney Peter W. Berger can investigate, and sometimes work things out with the authorities even before charges are filed. Contact us online or call 515-288-8888 for a free consultation. Spanish-speaking service is available.

Providing an Experienced Defense Against All Criminal Charges

Criminal defense attorney Peter Berger of the Berger Law Firm, P.C., truly understands the law and has a great deal of experience in dealing with any type of charge and circumstances. Mr. Berger has tried more than 200 jury trials over his career, as well as numerous judge trials. In addition, Mr. Berger has negotiated thousands of plea deals in criminal cases ranging from murder to simple assault, and from robbery to shoplifting, and is often consulted as a criminal law expert.

Mr. Berger‘s career started as a criminal prosecutor in 1977, then as a special prosecutor, called back from private practice in 1980 to prosecute Iowa’s first televised murder trial. Now, he brings his firsthand knowledge of the opposition’s tactics and methods to the table in defending you, or a friend or loved one, against them. He understands how to build a strong defense in any criminal case and, if necessary, to negotiate the most favorable plea bargain that is available. Mr. Berger is available to represent people throughout Iowa and in other states (as co-counsel or individually with leave of court), who have been charged with any felony or misdemeanor crime, including:

Personalized Service for Your Time of Need

In his more than 45 years of legal experience, attorney Berger has learned that personal service is important, starting with arranging bond, to working with clients and their families to resolve any problem. If you choose the Berger Law Firm, P.C., to represent you, Mr. Berger will take the time to listen and learn your situation. That will be the starting point in a detailed investigation that is committed to making certain all of the facts are on the table.

Peter Berger will be here for you when you need him. He will personally handle your case. At no point will you be left in the dark about the progress of your case and you will be involved in all major decisions. After all, it is your case. Attorney Peter Berger is available to represent people in Des Moines, throughout Iowa, and in other states.

Contact an Iowa Drunk Driving Defense Attorney

If you or a loved one has been charged with drunk driving, or any other type of criminal offense, get legal assistance immediately. Contact us online or call 515-288-8888 to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your case.