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Health Care Workers And The Sex Offender Registry

Certain individuals who work closely with what may be considered a “vulnerable” population will likely face more than the usual challenges in employment if convicted of a sex crime and placed on the Iowa sex offender registry.

Health care workers, specifically, are subject to restrictions in this respect. If you are a health care worker or are seeking employment as a health care worker, but you have been convicted of a sex crime, discuss your case with an experienced defense attorney.

Can I Keep My Career in the Health Field if I Am on the Sex Offender Registry?

In the context of the Iowa sex crime cases being discussed here, a “health care facility” or “facility” means a residential care facility, a nursing facility, an intermediate care facility for persons with mental illness, or an intermediate care facility for persons with an intellectual disability.

In Iowa, a registered offender cannot be employed by a facility providing services for dependent adults or at events where dependent adults participate in programming. He or she is also restricted from loitering on the premises or grounds of a facility or at an event that provides such services or programming.

Conversely, an adult sex offender who is a patient or resident of a health care facility is a participant in a medical assistance program, home and community-based services waiver program, or is a participant in a medical assistance state plan employment services as part of the participant’s habilitation plan is not considered to be in violation of the law.

Representation to Protect Your Rights and Your Employment Opportunities

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