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Search Warrants And Your Personal Computer

Does Law Enforcement Have the Right to Search My Personal Computer?

Downloading is not just a private act in one’s own home. These are very serious matters. There are huge ramifications for the downloader as well as victims of the crimes who have been photographed and frequently abused. There are active task forces in federal and state government obtaining computer IP addresses, then search warrants of homes, to seize computers and all storage discs where the IP address has been identified via the Internet as downloading and/or trading/trafficking in child pornography.

One should assume that any chat, posting or file sharing on the Internet will be taking place with, or at least reviewed by, law enforcement officers. Computer use is not anonymous. That is why it is important to protect your rights with strong legal representation.

Make sure to contact our office in Urbandale as soon as possible if you have been investigated for downloading or distributing child pornography. As your lawyer, Peter W. Berger will provide the confidential representation you need to protect your rights.

What Would Happen if I’m Convicted of an Internet Sex Crime?

Internet downloading of child pornography, trading photos or videos in chatrooms, and/or posting photos on social media may lead to not only state and federal charges, but also sex offender registry requirements.

If indicted in federal court, for downloading child pornography, the minimum sentence if convicted is serving in prison 85 percent of five years, but the sentence frequently reflects a federal sentencing guideline range of 85 percent of 10-15 years.

Protecting Your Rights in State and Federal Court

Attorney Peter W. Berger knows how the prosecution investigates sex crime cases and understands their strategy and methodology. With more than 45 years of experience in criminal law matters, Mr. Berger is available to defend people in Urbandale, West Des Moines, throughout Iowa and in other states. Civil lawsuits and settlements are also handled with attorney Berger as plaintiff’s civil attorney on church cases, teacher, coach and other areas of abuse including by therapists.

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