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Iowa Federal Crime Defense Lawyer

At the Berger Law Firm, P.C., Iowa federal crime defense attorney Peter Berger understands the severity of the consequences of a conviction. Sentences in federal court are usually much harsher than those in state court, sometimes for the same offense. Mr. Berger understands that charges are just allegations. People have the constitutional right to defend themselves against these charges. Mr. Berger will work hard and fight to make certain to protect your best interests, and to minimize or avoid any jail time and other potential consequences that accompany a federal criminal conviction.

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Experienced Defense Against All Federal Criminal Charges

Attorney Berger has more than 37 years of legal experience, including past experience as a prosecutor and special prosecutor, and is available to defend you or a family member or friend against charges of any federal crime, including:

The Berger Law Firm, P.C., is available to represent people facing a charge of a federal crime anywhere in Des Moines, throughout Iowa, and in other states. Attorney Peter Berger is ready to get started right away in defending you against these charges.

Representation From Someone Who Has Worked Both Sides of a Case

Attorney Peter Berger understands federal law and federal criminal procedure. He has seen criminal law in action working on both sides of criminal cases. Prior to dedicating himself to criminal defense, he was a criminal prosecutor. In that position, he gained valuable insight into the tactics that the prosecution uses to get a guilty verdict. Now, he uses his experience to build a legal strategy that is designed to defend against the opposition's tactics. He will defend your rights and your future.

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